Technology has come a long way in helping practices chart a patient’s records. At Helix Dental, we have adopted the technology with our practice, allowing paperless charting for our patients. By implementing this technology, our dentist can create online booking and records patient treatments, which saves time and paper. There are many benefits to using a completely digital software system; they include:

  • Reduced chance of lost records or destruction or theft of patient records
  • Space-saving
  • A more organized and convenient location to allow for quick access with more accurate dental records
  • Automated email and text message reminders
  • Record-keeping capabilities to make data easier to access
  • Can be used with other records
  • Saves on time and cost, so our dental team can focus their time and attention with our patients and other important tasks
  • Saves on paper and printing costs
  • 24-hour convenience – scheduling appointments can take place when convenient, instead of waiting for business hours; this also makes it easier for our patients to schedule appointments if they work.

This system also makes it much easier for Dr. Flamenco and Natasha Kotha Flamenco to access records and plan their day more effectively and efficiently, to make more time for you. For more information on our computer software system, please contact us at 619-493-2103 for paperless charting in La Mesa, California. We look forward to serving you with our amazing dental team!