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Like many of you, the holidays are one of our favorite times of the year at Helix Dental. However, we often see an increase in cavities developing around this season due to the increase in sugary foods and alcohols that people consume during their festivities. To help you keep your teeth protected during the holidays, consider the following tips concerning which foods you can enjoy safely and which foods to consume a tiny bit less of.

The prime cause of oral breakdown is the overconsumption of sugary foods like candies, juices and a few full-fat dairy products. To avoid dental breakdown, deliberate on avoiding these foods and opting for less-sugary alternatives. For example, protein sources like chicken, beef and fish are excellent for keeping your teeth clean! (Be sure to floss afterward!) Whole grains and low- or no-fat dairy products are also great ways to go. Vegetables, with very little dip, are perhaps the best choice of all. This season, skip the candy bowl for the meat and cracker platter or the veggie tray and your teeth will say thanks.

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