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Have you ever heard of Endodontics? Endodontics is a specialized branch of dentistry designed to focus directly on the inner workings of a tooth, such as the root of the pulp. If for any reason the pulp is damaged, it will need to be removed to save a tooth. In many instances, Endodontics can save a tooth that otherwise would need to be extracted.

Endodontics is a specialized field of dentistry designed to repair and restore damaged and broken teeth. They focus specifically on the pulp of a tooth and with tissues within the root. Endodontists will receive an additional 2 years of advanced medical training to allow them to correctly perform complex medical treatments including root canal therapies designed to save damaged and broken teeth. In some situations, endodontic treatments can save teeth that otherwise would need to be extracted. Each year, millions of teeth are saved through endodontic treatments such as root canals. Not only can endodontics treatments save teeth, but they can also allow teeth to properly function again once more.

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